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The Science Behind the Process

Optimal health can only be achieved by optimal brain activity and optimal breathing.  Interference with your nervous system or your airway can cause a serious breakdown of your health, your posture, and eventually your brain.  The complete approach of Dr. Neidenthal using Advanced Orthogonal and breathing restoration creates an environment necessary for complete healing in your body.

Health is controlled from the top down.  Your brain that controls every function of your body including posture, breathing, and the ability to heal.  Nerve signals from the brain travel down the spine and along nerves to every part of your body.  Interference to these signals can cause the body and the brain to malfunction.  

The most common place for these important nerve signals to have interference is in the upper neck at the atlas bone.  The atlas bone is shaped differently and moves differently than any other bone in the spine, making it vulnerable to falls, accidents, and even the birth process.  Because is has the brainstem and important brain blood vessels traveling through it, even slight misalignments can cause signnificant health issues in your body, your brain, and your breathing. 

Other brain and body effects

A misalignment of the atlas bone can cause other concerning issues.  A misalignment can cause imbalances in the entire body leading to neck pain, back pain, hip pain, and more.  A misalignment can also obstruct the flow of your brain’s cerebral spinal fluid, leading to neurodegeneration.  When the atlas bone gets misalingned, it can compress important blood vessels traveling to and from the brain causing headaches and dizziness.  An atlas misalignment effects the emotional part of the brain, causing chronic stress and driving depression.  It is a complex and sensitive area, and it is often overlooked by neurologists and general chiropractors.

Our Goal is to Correct the cause

Many approaches to health focus on the symptoms rather than the root cause of the probelm.  Drugs, surgury, and machines like CPAP only give temproary relief, but at Atlas Family Health Center, we identify and correct the root cause first.  By correcting the misalignment of the atlas bone, we are able to restore the nerve signals to and from the brain.  Once the atlas bone is stable, breathing restoration can begin if necessary for you.

The Advanced Orthogonal Technique

The Advnced Orthogonal technique is one of the most specific and the most gentle ways to adjust the upper cervical spine.  With this precision approach, Dr. Neidenthal is able to get the atlas and the body into proper alignment with no twisting, cracking or popping of the neck.  With a focus on holding the alignment, Dr. Neidenthal is able to make longer term changes with less adjusting.

A careful and complete neurologic and postural evaluation is performed to determine if there is nerve interference in the upper neck.  Dr. Neidenthal focuses on nerve interference in the craniocervical junction, which is the joints between the atlas bone and the skull, a sensitive neurological area often overlooked by other providers.

Unique upper cervical X-rays are taken to anlyse your specific bone stucture and individual misalignment.  These X-rays are carefully analyzed and measurements are taken to calculate your settings for the upper cervical correction.

Once your X-rays are anayzed by Dr. Neidenthal, a highly specific correction can be made to correct your upper cervical spine.  Using the Advanced Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting Instrument, a percussive sound wave is used to gently shift the atlas bone  back into its proper position.  This allows the brain to send proper signals to the body, restoring function, reducing pain,  and allowing the body to naturally heal.

The correction of the misalignment is a critical step toward your recovery, but it is only the begining of your improvement.  Once you upper cervical spine has been stabilized, Dr. Neidenthal will take a deeper look at your breathing and posture using a specialized approach.  This propels you to maximum recovery and vitality.

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