No Twisting, Cracking, or Popping

Many people have a desire to regain their full health and function, but do not want to experience the twisting, cracking, and pooping that traditional chiropractic has offered.  This is why we use percussive sound wave technology.  Your comfort and concern for safety are extremely important to us.

We never want to sacrifice precision for comfort, but with Advanced Orthogonal, you get both.  Since the 1920’s, chiropractors have been developing ways to more accurately correct the upper cervical spine (see “History”).  In the efforts to gain precision, we have learned that a lighter force leads to a more long lasting correction.

Today, our Advanced Orthogonal doctors use the most gentle adjusting procedure in the world.  Using a percussive sound wave force, our doctors are able to make extremely precise corrections that is nearly imperceptible to the patient.

Percussive Sound Wave

Sound is a wave of force that travels through air to impact on another surface.  Sound impacts on the surface of the object and causes vibration.  In order for us to hear sound, the sound wave travels in our ear and impacts the eardrum, causing it to vibrate and stimulate nerves that give us our sense of hearing.

The percussive sound wave used in the correction is similar to the vibration coming off of a drum or bass speaker.  If the sound is turned up enough, you can feel the sound vibrate your body.  The Advanced Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting Instrument uses a very small percussive force on a very specific angle to move the atlas bone back into correct position.

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