Why should one avoid canned foods and drinks?

These products contain excessive amounts of salt and sugar, and many of the canned foods are overcooked. Excess salt in the diet can lead to high blood pressure, which is a sign that the heart and blood vessels are being overworked. Untreated, high blood pressure can lead to atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure. Heart disease contributes to 75% of heart attacks. The average American consumes approximately 4500 mgs of salt daily.

The recommended daily limit is 1500 mgs, with the toxic Upper Limit being 2300. Many processed foods, and even some natural foods, become toxic when they are overcooked. Overcooking food changes its chemical configuration, making these foods harder for the body to digest and metabolize. The body spends more time and energy trying to break down these foods instead of doing work on the cellular level. Canned foods are generally cooked at high temperatures before they are canned, making such products unsafe for consumption.

One must also be aware of the risk of toxic metal exposure when consuming canned products. Metals from the can, including tin, nickel and aluminum, will leach into the food. Heavy Metals displace your nutrient minerals and cause deficiency, and there is no positive metabolic function for these metals in the body.

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What can I do to rid my body of these heavy metals?

Some people try to purge these metals from their systems through detoxification methods. However, people can get themselves into serious trouble forcing the body to clean itself out and/or clean itself out too fast. One must work with the body and remember not to force it. We do not recommend any fasting or detoxification programs, as the body is continually cleaning itself out. Instead, test to determine what you are being exposed to on a daily basis, try to figure out in your day to day life where you are being exposed to those substances and eliminate the exposure as much as possible. Also, supplement the body with proper nutrients to aid in the safe transport of these heavy metals out of your system.

How do I determine my Toxic Load?

The first step is to find out what you are being exposed to. More than likely, if it is in your environment, it is in you. We advise doing a Hair Analysis to determine your toxic load. We recommend Doctor’s Data, because some labs aren’t as reliable. Note: Hair Analysis is not to be used alone to assess your overall health but it is an accurate indicator of what you are being exposed to and how efficiently your body is eliminating those substances.

How do I avoid heavy metal exposure?

The only way to avoid exposure is to eliminate your exposure. It is virtually impossible to totally avoid the exposure due to our industrial society, but what one can do is locate items within one’s control. This includes checking the ingredients in everyday items found in the home, such as cookware, body soaps, lotions, and antiperspirants, to checking food labels and drinking and cooking with purified water. On food labels, be aware that artificial colors and dyes are made from heavy metals. Vaccines, drugs and dental fillings are also sources of heavy metal exposure. If you have metal based dental fillings, get them replaced with safer porcelain fillings. Be aware that most restaurants use canned foods. Substitute fresh or frozen foods for canned foods whenever possible. Also check out: www.allnaturalcosmetics.com

Do you recommend any supplement aide to combat exposure?

We recommend a good multiple vitamin, a good chelated trace minerals supplement, and Chlorella, which is a type of algae that has the unique ability to get the heavy metals out of the brain, liver, heart and lung tissue. Note that this product is NOT the same as Super Blue Green Algae or Spirulina. Take about 4-6 per day depending on your toxic load, body weight, and other supplements you are taking. Chlorella is roughly 58% protein (generally they are about 2 g of protein per 2-3 capsules/tablets). Obviously, the most accurate way to know what dosage you need is to get tested. This takes the guesswork out of your nutritional regimen.