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Embarrassment, scarring and lack of self-confidence are just some of the effects of acne. But some medical treatments for acne can have far more serious consequences. Accutane, a commonly used drug for more severe acne, is associated with inflammatory bowel disease¹, psychiatric problems² and birth defects. In fact, the warnings are very strong about avoiding use of this drug if pregnancy is a pending possibility.

Maybe you had acne as a child and you want to avoid such a problem with your children. There are several causes of acne, which include poor diet, heavy metal toxicity, digestion problems, nutrient mineral deficiencies and liver dysfunction, and even developing diabetes.

Natural Teen Acne SolutionAcne, in fact, might be the tip of the iceberg of a more serious problem developing. But most of the time it can be helped with a modest diet change and the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Many people are trying to be healthier by eating organic foods and taking vitamins, but still have problems. Laboratory testing consisting of a comprehensive blood and hair test to check for heavy metal toxicity will often quickly identify problem areas and indicate exactly what lifestyle and dietary changes and nutrients are needed.

Why do such extensive laboratory testing?

Due to our environment and the quality and processing of our food, we are exposed to higher levels of toxins than ever before. This increasing level of environmental toxins is resulting in children becoming sicker with more chronic diseases than ever before and it has been said many times in the media that the children today will not live to be as old as their grandparents. Stop guessing about your child’s health and get tested today. An investment in their health today can lead to a healthier adult tomorrow.

Clearing up your child’s acne naturally will have far greater benefits than just clear skin. See sample report of what we can provide to show you exactly what poor diet and heavy metal toxicities need to be corrected, and how you can correct them to clear up acne issues.

What does the testing include?

Conference the blood test including cholesterol, thyroid, CBC, liver and kidney panels, diabetes, infection and inflammation.

Hair testing includes toxic elements such as mercury, lead, arsenic, copper, aluminum, and uranium.

After the testing is completed a comprehensive report will be developed explaining the test results, diet and nutrient recommendations.

¹Reuters: Common acne treatments linked to bowel problems

²Reuters: Study on acne suicide risk fuels debate over drugs