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Precise adjustments! Feeling so much better. Everyone loves the staff and Doctor “B”! You need to go!

Marcella Wolfe, 5-Star Google Review

Dr. Brian fixed me! He is trustworthy, brilliant and honest. He treats every person uniquely and uses an approach that makes so much sense. Worth every minute and every dollar.

Adam Narloch, 5-Star Google Review

He has a very cutting edge practice, but he also cares and listens to his patients…unlike most doctors, that think they know more than their patients.

Tina Kline, 5-Star Google Review

I had horrible migraines before I started seeing him, without his adjustments i’m sure I would still have them today, but thanks to Dr Brian, I never have them anymore.

Rebecca Penhorwood, 5-Star Google Review

I have been a patient of Dr Niedenthal’s for 5 years. I first saw him almost in tears with neck pain as a result from working as a Dental Hygienists for 39 years. I have been working “pain free ” ever since seeing Dr Neidenthal.

Carol L., 5-Star Review

If you have a problem in your neck, or an issue with vertigo, this is the place to go! I found that Dr. Niedenthal was very thorough and careful to find the right treatment for me

Barbara C. Tope, 5-Star Facebook Review

Brian is great. His sound wave therapy is easy, painless and nothing short of miraculous.

Beth Winstead Graves, 5-Star Facebook Review

Dr. Brian has a depth of knowledge that is amazing. He listens to his patients and strives to enable to live pain free. The work he does with the atlas has helped me immensely.

Mary Lang, 5-Star Google Review

Our Unique Approach to Healing

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in Columbus Ohio

Advanced Orthogonal care takes a cutting edge approach to correcting the body’s function.  Harnessing your brain’s ability to communicate and coordinate the way your body works and heals, this gentle and calculated technique can have a huge impact on your health.

The science behind the approach is quite fundamental.  Every function of your body relies on nerve signals from your brain, including your heart beat, breathing, digestion, and muscle movement.  These nerve signals travel along nerves from the brain, and have to pass though an area in your upper neck, called the craniocervical junction.  This is made up of the bottom of the skull and the top bone of the neck called the atlas.  When the atlas bone gets misaligned, it interferes with these nerve signals leading to a range of health issues that get worse over time.

With Advanced Orthogonal’s specialized imaging, we are able to see the details of this complex structure.  Using detailed analysis, Dr. Neidenthal then measures and define this 3D misalignment.

Once the misalignment is calculated, a unique and gentle correction is made.  The Advanced Orthogonal technique uses a precise, painless percussive wave correction to gently align the craniocervical junction, allowing the nerve signals to pass through clearly.

This precision approach often requires less adjusting with longer lasting improvements.  By removing the interference on the nerves that control the body, health improves and the rest of the spine stabilizes naturally.  Because the focus of care is stability rather than repetitive adjusting, improvements continue even when no correction is needed.  Dr. Neidenthal has helped thousands of patients recover their health through Advanced Orthogonal care.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in Columbus Ohio
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